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Hi All, 

New to this site so hopefully i've posted in the right section. I'm currently renovating my Garden which is a pretty big job due to the size of it (at least it feels like that at the moment)

The middle of the garden consisted of stones prior to me starting this project but these have now been moved to the very rear of the Garden, although some remain. 

Where i have removed the stones, i am now looking to Grass this area with a flower bed & plants to the side. After removing copious amounts stones, i am now left with an uneven, clay/sand like area.

So here is where the help comes in:

1 - Do i need to remove every stone or can i topsoil over the stones?

2 - How much depth of topsoil would i need to use based on the clay/sand area that remains? Does it need to be deep or does it not matter? It will be evened out 

3 - Im thinking of leaving a border on the left hand side where the area hits the concrete - Is there a certain distance i should leave for a bed of plants and flowers?

4 - Does anyone have any ideas on the design of it? I was thinking to make  a curved border but would welcome some experienced ideas on this one? 



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  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    What are your plans for the concrete bit? Are you intending to dig that up at any time?  Reason I'm asking is that a border/bed should be at least 3 foot minimum to stop it being all plants in a row type border. That would mean obviously that the width of grass would be reduced. 

    If you have children then you will probably need as much lawn as possible. In which case I would leave all that area lawn with perhaps just a single tree planted in it and build raised beds, about 2 foot and a bit high on the concrete bit (unless you were thinking of digging that up). If you had no kids and you were keen on gardening, I would think of the grass as just a very broad s-shaped path with generous beds of flowers on either side. You could still build raised beds for veg if you were interested.

    Down at the gravel bit I would plant small select groups of plants just to brighten it up - say 2 or 3 plants in one area and another 2 or 3 plants in another area. A pile of river cobbles to give some interest etc etc. Unless you have other plans for it. 

    With the ground you will need to either dig it over or hire a rotovator to turn it over. Rake it level and remove any bigger stones. You may not need any topsoil. Add a good general fertiliser. 

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  • ajtaylor09ajtaylor09 Posts: 5

    Thanks for the reply.

    The plan with the concrete is that's going to be a Patio with slabs going down this Tuesday.

    I fancied some flowers/plants to brighten the area up somewhat. The gravel bit I was planning on putting some Large pot plans down there and maybe some sort of picket fence at the front of it.

    I had been advised that the best/easiest way was to put topsoil down and level it that way?

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    You will still need to dig or rotovate it. The soil will be compacted after years of being under gravel. 

    'Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement' - Helen Keller
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,423

    You have some strong angles with the decking etc. I'd reflect that in the shape of the lawn / beds etc, and be a bit more contemporary. Tapering wedge shapes and simple lines. It'll look more like the garden was designed as a whole.

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