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Mare''s Tail

Hi does anyone no how to get rid of mare''s tail please. Cath


  • ForestedgeForestedge Posts: 3,650

    Hello Cath.

    There are many threads on this forum about mares tail and all say you can't get rid of it and only control it and hope it gives up and goes away.....sorry.image 

    I always say just keep hoeing and this works for me.image

  • Hortum-cretaeHortum-cretae Posts: 979

    I bet it's actually field horsetail, a deeeeeeeeeep-rooted little blighter, able to force its way through almost any substrate.  The only success I had was when I strimmed it  (which tore it up a bit) and then put weedkiller on it. The thrashed stems were opened to the weed killer and IT WORKED!  I don't advocate the use of pesticides and herbicides, preferring to tackle problems organically, by weeding or removal,but horsetail is real pain when it gets established and needs something extra.  In the garden, I just pull off the tops and aim to weaken it.  


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,482

    I'm trying the 'pull the tops off' method now that I have depleted the darn things by spraying and covering over the past few years.

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