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Blackcurrant disaster!!!

I hope that there is someone out there to give me some help.

Three days ago my veg patch sported a very healthy Blackcurrant bush- green leaves -no disease evident -fruit forming well green but looking to be a great crop. On dry days I watered well.

Here in the Midlands we have had a lot of heavy rain ( may or may not be significant).

Today I went to examine the bush and it had been dessimated!! There is no evidence of catterpillars just some whitefly- but the leaves have brown patches and are falling and when affected are curled -the fruit (what little is left) appears to be rotting from the flower end of the fruit . This has happened very quickly and is dramatic to say the least. I have looked up some common pests and diseases but they don't seem to fit with the problem I have.

I suspect that if this is viral I may lose the bush ( or have to remove it from my weg patch). A nearby Gooseberry seems OK!! The bush is several years old but has always been a good cropper after pruning in the spring.

Advice would be most welcome.


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