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I have read some old threads about woodlice eating plants and can confirm that the woodlouse is no longer eating just debris! I am a  'natural' gardener so face a nightly battle with slugs etc and a daily one with groundelder. We have old logs in places for wildlife. So woodlice are a very common sight. But on slug hunting at night, I am now seeing woodlice eating many plants which have no debris near them, mainly my lupins (especially the flowers) and hostas. A whole gang were merrily chomping through a living leaf in front of me!  I am now wrapping lupin flowers in clingfilm at night, would you believe. That shows how bad things have got. Has the woodlouse revamped itself I wonder??!!


  • David WDavid W Posts: 84

    Maybe your garden does not have enough of their usual sort of food for the numbers you have, hence they are turning to what is available.

    just a thought,


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