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Flowers for birds



  • Pete FPete F Posts: 8

    If you have  Honeysuckle growing in your garden you may be lucky enough to get Bullfinches visiting on a regular basis once the berries have set .

    Thistle head's are a good bet for Goldfinches . 

    A sunflower head suspended upside down is also good and will attract for most specie's of Tit .

    The key to getting a wide a varied range of bird's regularly visiting is to not only provide food via feeders or plant's but to ensure you always have fresh water available for them to drink once the bird's realise that food and water is available you will be surprised by what bird's start to visit regularly ,

  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,532

    I think elder is a much underrated plant.  It thrives on neglect, its flowers and fruit can be eaten or turned into cordial or wine, the flowers feed pollinators and the berries feed birds.

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