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Suggestions on a climber please :-)



I'm looking to put a climber in to grow up my stone wall. (See picture) It's north east facing so gets a small amount of sun in the morning and that's it. I would love something pretty looking but nothing too vigorous that's going to take over the whole Wall as its such a lovely wall I want to be able to see a lot of it still. Unless it's something that can be pruned to keep it small when it does start to get too big? I'm very new to this!

I would really appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you so much ????

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  • Hortum-cretaeHortum-cretae Posts: 979

    I think a rose would look superb against that wall. Suggest good old 'Constance Spry' for a pink, or 'Don Juan' for a dark red?  There are so many.  You can grow a large flowered clematis through the rose, picking a colour to complement the rose, a dark purple to go with Constance or a large white flowered cultivar to go with the red. Wisteria will do, even on that aspect.  


  • lucy261lucy261 Posts: 16

    Thank you so much for your reply. That was my first thoughts exactly about the Rose and clematis, but I was thinking they made need more sun to do well so I kind of ruled it out. I absolutely love them both so if I could have them here that would be lovely! I will look into the ones you've suggested.

    thank you very much for your help :-) 

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,649

    It's a great wall for roses and clems but be aware that Constance Spry, tho lovely, only flowers once.

    Have a look at Generous Gardener which is a softer pink or a repeat rambler such as Lady of the Lake or maybe a rich golden yellow such as Teasing Georgia.   A deep purple clematis will look good with either.

    Whatever you choose, make sure the planting hole is at least 18"/45cms away from the base of the wall and is well dug and back filed with plenty of well rotted manure and garden compost.  Water before and after planting and keep watered till  they've got their roots well down.  This may mean all this growing season.

    You'll need to provide support too.  I'd use horizontal tensioned wires at 12 to 15" intervals up the wall with vine eyes to hold them in place - available in good DIY stores.

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  • lucy261lucy261 Posts: 16

    Thank you that is very helpful advice :-)

    Im so pleased you suggested 'the generous gardener' I planted that one at the front of our house last month and its doing really well! And it did cross my mind to plant that one at the side too but was just concerned it wouldn't get enough sun. But I'll give it ago! I shall have a look online for a purple clematis that doesn't mind shade Too. There is so many!!

    really appreciate your help

    thank you

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