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Young Cherry blossoms in my garden

Hi all I'm new here, I've recently got into gardening and I really enjoy it.

I have planted two Prunus trees in my back garden which is 50ft long by 30ft wide. After doing lots of research I have bought and planted the following trees in each corner of my garden:

Prunus shirofugen

Prunus shogetsu

Both are on semi dwarf rootstock and are both healthy and doing well and are around 6ft

How long will it take for these trees take to grow to a good height (10ft plus)? What is a realistic time frame ? 5 years? 

I have pruned a couple of awkward low down branches to hopefully channel growth in higher branches ... Have I done the right thing?

Advice welcome! Thanks



  • Hortum-cretaeHortum-cretae Posts: 979

    'Shogetsu', one of my favourites, grows to about 10ft then starts spreading wider.  It will reach 20ft across after fifteen years. Restrict the pruning to summer months to avoid danger of silver leaf, a fungal infection.  They shouldn't need pruning, as they're on the semi dwarfing stock.  'Shirofugen' is the larger cultivar, growing more quickly to 25-30ft after fifteen years.  Expect a slow first year or so, while they establish, then they'll get going.  This rain (if you've got it) will do wonders for them, but keep an eye on the watering detail through the summer, watering by the bucketful rather spraying with the hose.


  • Excellent answer thank you.

    Currently​ I have staked them to try and get them growing straight as possible in their younger years. Will I be ok after two years to remove the stakes ?

    One very newbie question. What is semi dwarfing stock mean for my trees & how will they be affected?

    Also by me pruning the lowest branches off on both trees to clear the trunks up will this have a bad effect on growth? I hope it doesn't as I only pruned 2 branches each (very low down ) maybe 2ft up as felt this was too low. Shall I leave them to grow naturally now for a few years at least?

    Regards Michael

  • Oh I forgot to say the stems that flowers grown on now they've dropped will the flower stem eventually drop off too and make way for more new flowers next year?

  • Hortum-cretaeHortum-cretae Posts: 979

    Pruning you've done is fine.  Stakes can go in a year or so, yes.  Old flowers stalks will drop off. Just leave the trees be and they'll perform for you without fuss.  Semi-dwarfing stock means that the natural vigour of the scion (the bit that's grafted onto the stock and is your named cultivar), is reduced by about half/two thirds of its potential so the tree is manageable in our smaller gardens.


  • Ok that makes sense - thank you. Would you still expect a semi dwarf cherry blossom that I have x 2  to get to a decent size? 

    I've not seen a shogetsu or shirofugen in standard / semi dwarf height at maturity. I still want it to reach a decent height. I never knew it was semi dwarf stock until I planted it and it had it on a sticker under the pot !

    I will leave them be now and remove stake next April hopefully will be more established by then! 

    Hopefully it does grow in height even though it's on semi dwarf stock I don't really want a 6ft tree I was hoping it will reach 10ft at least! :)

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  • Hortum-cretaeHortum-cretae Posts: 979

    Shirofugen will reach 10ft, Shogetsu won't, but it'll do it across


  • I look forward to seeing my trees  grow. Hopefully I can keep them healthy !

  • So an update a year on. Both trees doing well.

     The shirofugen grew about 1ft since last April.

    The shogetsu only a few inches but put more on side branches I can see the new growth. 

    This year should be fun seeing what they do growth wise. 

  • Garden noobGarden noob Posts: 260
    Treegrower85 said:

    This year should be fun seeing what they do growth wise. 

    Treegrower - I'm also a novice gardener after buying my first house four years ago. I love it that you sound as excited about the simple things as I am - not many people share my enthusiasm! :)

    I bought a cherry plum tree a few weeks ago so I'm looking forward to seeing the blossom on that one soon. 

    I'm also excited about:
    - seeing how much my honeysuckle grows this year (its third year and it's already filled the trellis but maybe I can make it bushier)
    - seeing our native bluebells in bloom because I've bulked up the display and they've self-seeded too
    - seeing our new cyclamen purpurascens flower in the summer :)
  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,537
    edited March 2018
    Lots of people on here to share enthusiasm with you Garden noob!
    I've been gardening for about 60 years (scary thought!) and still get excited over new shoots, and leaves, and plants I've never grown before, and growing from seed gives me more highs than drugs ever could!
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