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My daughter has a very large ceanothus which is more like a small tree than a bush.  It's in flower.  Can I take cuttings, if so how do I do it? 



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    Yes, softwood cuttings would be perfect in the next few weeks.  Look up how to take soft wood cuttings, use some rooting hormone and place in a humid environment and wait.  They should develope roots in a few weeks. When roots are established, pot up, keep moist and by next spring, if you are lucky they may be big enough to plant out, after potting on as necessary.     Good luck.

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  • Be aware that ceanothus has a bit of a reputation for being rather hard to take cuttings from (apparently, so I've heard!)

    I've nevr had any luck whatsoever, but then maybe I am not doing it right...

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