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Patio excavation site waterlogged

Hi there

So over the wekend I  painstakingly excavated part of my patio site to a depth of 7inches with a gradual slope. Overnight it rained and will continue to rain all week (note to self: always check weather forecast).  The site now looks like a paddling pool, I've got heavy clay soil/DIRT image.  When it dries out do I need to do anything to combat the waterlogging?  Is this normal?   I plan on using DIY pathmate paving mould to lay the patio with 4 inches of MOT subbase underneath, do I need to consider digging deeper and adding layer of sand after subbase?  Or will subbase be sufficient?

Would appreciate your thoughts on this please.

Many thanks


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,454

    It's not unusual for an area like that to fill with water.  The ground will be pretty compacted.  The real test will be when it stops raining and you can check how quickly it drains.  My neighbours garden floods every time we have heavy rain but drains in a matter of hours when it stops.

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