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Red Mason bees

DesthemoanerDesthemoaner FlintshirePosts: 182

Hi All

Those of a nervous disposition and who love bees, look away now. 

We moved into this property in 2014. The very next summer, round about early May,  we noticed a lot of bees flying about on the roof, and it soon became apparent that they were making their way in and out from under the roof tiles. Further research confirmed that these were red mason bees, fairly harmless creatures but definitely off-putting to anyone with a fear of large numbers of buzzy things. So I commenced blocking up the entrance and exit holes under the tiles and over two summers I seem to have more or less eradicated their presence from the roof. 

However, they have now taken up residence on a steep bank in a lawned part of our garden. The amount of buzzing has to be heard to be appreciated, and one can see right away that they have burrowed holes in the bank and are flying in and out with their pollen loads, presumably to provide food for the young bees/ larvae within. My question is this: would the presence of large numbers of burrowing bees within a steep bank present any danger of the ground subsiding?

Having moved them from the roof I'm happy to let them use the bank instead providing there's no danger of their activities precipitating a mini avalanche.

Anyone have any experience of/ expertise in this kind of thing?

Cheers in advance. 

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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 35,471

    I would say Des, that you do not need to worry. The bees would choose a place carefully and if there was any chance of a land slip they would have avoided it. How lucky you are. image

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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,122

    I think that they're probably mining bees rather than the mason bees you had before. 

    I'm sure that both they and the bank will be fine ... enjoy watching them image

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  • DesthemoanerDesthemoaner FlintshirePosts: 182

    Thanks to you both for the reassurance and the correction image.

     I think we have both mining AND mason bees, because I'm pretty sure that the previous owners of this property had cemented up some holes in the gable wall in response to bee invasion.

    I read quite a bit of stuff about these little critturs when I first became aware of them, and the general consensus of sensible advice was that if they were causing a nuisance, encourage them to move rather than take aggressive steps to eradicate.. 

    They're certainly not bothering anyone in the place they've moved to, and as long as there's no chance of our property being buried under tons of earth due to their subterranean activities, they can pollen and burrow away to their buzzy little hearts' content. 

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