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Black bamboo

HELP! I bought this from a garden centre just says black bamboo on the label is about 2mt high, (dont panic folks its tstaying in a pot!)  I have a golden and red stem one, want to screen an ugly view and have it on a little japanese style bit.  Right, OK I will confess I have forgotten to water it regularly!  The leaves have gone brown, Hubby says it is dead, how can you tell from the canes, should I keep it and hope for the best? Will it grow new leaves?


  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,586

    The other 2 are OK, the little red one suffered from water memory loss on my part, I cut it down it is fine, I have put them into bigger pots.  I am just not sure if dead leaves equals dead plant on this new one, garden faces NE.  Bamboo and acers in between fence and greenhouse, pretty sheltered from winds and midday sun.  Grapevine growing next to them which provides nice shade.  I serves me right, Other half has been out with the hose now.  They keep forcasting rain, we had a little Thursday, was over the moon, went out next day to direct plant peas, made a groove 2 inches deep it was bone dry!

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