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fig problems

I have a large fig growing next to my garage has been fine for past 5 years.  I pruned it last year and it started to get shoots etc this year but they have shrivelled and there are only 1 green bits of growth on it now - have I done something wrong?  I did wonder if it was frost damage but not sure.


  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    Hi Bluebell15 

    it could very well be frost. Figs are quite sensitive things and this year I found the frosts were particularly sharp. I lost a few plants in sheltered spots that had been fine in the years before. 

    suggest some feed (tomato feed will do) and keep it watered (but not heavily so) to give it its best chance. Put it in the sunniest spot possible too. 

  • Bluebell15Bluebell15 Posts: 6

    Hi, thanks for such a quick response.  The fig is planted in the ground and is in a sunny spot but I also live in a frost pocket too and there have been 2 or 3 early morning frosts recently.  I'll try the tomato feed to give it a bit of a boost.

    It is a well established fig with very thick branches in places that I would like to cut back have you any idea if this would be OK or will the fig not like something so drastic?

    BTW my magnolia is looking similar to the fig which was why I was suspicious it was frost damage.

  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    I wouldnt hard prune at this time of year, but a firm tidy up of branches should be ok. 

    its devastating to lose plants....but at least it's an excuse for a trip to the garden centre! 

    I bought a brown turkey fig 3 months ago at £14.99. 

    Goid luck with it. I hope it perks up. Do let us know.

  • Bluebell15Bluebell15 Posts: 6

    Thank you - I'll keep in touch of progress 

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