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Privet disease help!!!


Hi all

Some advice needed here please ???? .  I have about 6m of privet hedge in two sections. On one of the section (about 2.5m) I have reasonably intense disease that is making the leaves go yellow / brown in blotches and many of the leaves also wilt. I cannot see any visible fungus around the base.  Any advice on a diagnosis and possible treatment? Thanks all. 


  • Hi @SillyGardner- did you find out what this is? I have been researching also but no luck. My privet hedge is suffering from exactly the same thing, keen to find out if I can improve it?image Thanks! 

  • Me too exactly the same, please help us GW
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Buyingfors, are your privet shrubs very similar looking to the ones posted from past forum members' posts? If so, I suspect it's a fungal infection that is easily spread through water splashing from one infected area to another.

    Fallen leaves left lying around the base of the shrub will also re-infect the shrub again. The only way to avoid this cycle is to rake away all dead leaves promptly and scrape off the top layer of soil and lay down a new layer in spring time. Check and prune away all areas affected by the discoloured and distorted leaves. The shrub can end up looking sparse, but this is good for it as air circulation is needed to limit dampness lingering between dense branches.
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