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Not sure what to do

Hi all i need some ideas that are cheap to do i have a patch of dirt in my garden that just grows weeds its not very nice to look at plus next doors neighbours cats keep doing their business on there as well any suggestions?image


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,412

    Plant a small tree like a Japanese maple (optional). A decent specimen would be better rather than one of those little £3 jobs from the supermarket so I'd spend about £25.

    Surround with chunky angular gravel that doesn't resemble cat litter - something like slate chippings. Lay it reasonably thick on a weed suppressing sheet (Aldi are selling this stuff for cheap at the moment).

    That's what I'd do if I wanted to minimise my input and maintenance but have something at least reasonably nice.

  • Hi WillDB

    thanks for the suggestion I love the idea of the bright and colourful japanese maple but sadly the wall in the picture is quite small about 1/12 metre tall so a tree that size would attract the cat to climb it is beleive and also might grow over into next doors garden is there a tree that wouldn't grow as tall?

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