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Gardening advice from the RHS

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I think lots of people on here already use this; I must admit I haven't, as I have never quite believed it's possible to just ask them a direct question (silly I know). Anyway, there's a survey about the service, whether or not you've used it and whether or not you're a member: 

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    If you are a member you can get one to one advice from RHS experts if you can't find what you need on the site.  They even tell you how to package samples if emails and photos don't provide enough detail.

    I find googling "RHS+plant name+cultivation" answers most of my questions assuming the plant is on their site.  Non-members can do that too.  They also have a plant selector feature which lets you search for suitable plants for a given site depending on soil, aspect, exposure, moisture, colour and size.

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