Jasminum offininalis Fiona Sunrise

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I have been trying, unsuccessfully I should add, to have this pretty climber grow in my garden since 2013.  Each year it has failed to thrive and takes an absolute age to come into leaf, end of June beginning of July at best.     

I dug it up last autumn but rather than bin it immediately I potted it up, tucked it away for winter promising to do something with it this year should it survive.  Lo and behold it has survived being outdoors in this pot.  When I dug it up, I found that the rootball was still rather small, I'd have expected it to be bigger considering it had been in the ground for 3 and a half years.     


Admittedly it is a rather sorry looking specimen but alive nonetheless.  Tiny buds are just starting to form on the stems that are still yellow.

I am wondering might this be a suitable specimen to grow in a container in the greenhouse rather than outdoors, at least for a couple of years?  I wouldn't mind the maintenance or keeping it in check if necessary if it was in there, it seems a shame not to give it one last chance!

Pros/Cons anyone?


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    It's supposed to be hardy and like fertile, well drained soil.  Try potting it in John Innes no 3 compost and see if that perks it up.  Some microrhzal fungae sprinkled on the root ball may help it grow some decent roots.   If it does, keep it in the pot till it's good and sturdy and then try planting out again in a sunny spot in good soil. 

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  • AngieRAngieR Posts: 345

    Thanks Obelixx. I'll do as you suggest.  

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