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Can foxes steal eggs without trace?


A local village has a large central pond and is a fair weather tourist hotspot.

There were three ducks nests with varying numbers of eggs but one had 16 eggs - maybe two clutches?

It was the May bank holiday weekend and come the Tuesday the 16 eggs and duck were gone without a trace. Just an empty nest.

It was quite a poorly placed nest and fairily visible and I wondered if someone had stolen them (ever the advocate of human nature...).

Another week goes by and there is just one nest left with only two remaining eggs so the running theory is foxes but can a fox remove the mummy duck and consume the eggs with literally no trace of feathers, blood, egg or egg shell?

Everyone seems happy to accept this theory but the sleuth in me needs some convincing.



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,133

    Yes, it will have been a fox. ... ducks leave the nest to feed and bathe/preen, covering the eggs with down but if the duck is on the nest the fox will take her and then come back for the eggs. 

    If someone had stolen the eggs the duck would probably still be around, and is likely to lay a second clutch. 

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