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Spanish or English bluebells?!

OvergrowthOvergrowth Posts: 41

Any thoughts on which type of bluebell I have? 

They have the curled petals and quite a nice scent making me think they are English but are so vigorous I am doubting myself! 

They also seem to have flowers on both sides of the stem which I understand are in keeping with the Spanish bluebells! 




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  • Rosie31Rosie31 Posts: 483

    I would say hybrid.  The ones in the lower picture look more like native ones.  You probably have a mixture. 

    All very pretty, enjoy them! 

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  • As I understand it, native bluebells tend to be smaller flowers, deeper blue, and 'look down' from the stems. Spanish bluebells are paler blue, bigger and look more opened out. I would say most of your look to be Spanish!

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