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Best way to fill this area?

Recently moved into a new house and would like to brighten up the front garden up with something - currently looking dull and neglected.

Ideally something:

a) Cost effective

b) Easy to maintain

If possible we would also like a small tree or bush in the lawn and something with some height in the right corner where the porch meets the wall.

Any ideas? Being anew gardener I am at a complete total loss.


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  • a1154a1154 Posts: 1,073

    Hi, its just entirely down to personal taste, there are so many lovely small trees and shrubs. Do you watch Beechgrove? they have each picked a small tree and they are planted in a row for a trial, and they are showing what pruning to do etc

    also go to the garden centre (an independent one if you have one near), look at some options and get some advice. 

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,551

    I've no  idea what you mean by " cost effective"  Surely one man's spending is another man's wastefulness?

    I think what you have already seems to fit your criteria. " dull and neglected " as you say, but "cost effective" and "easy to maintain".

  • LucyLLucyL Posts: 163

    I'm novice-ish with gardening too, At the moment i am re-doing my garden, and loving it. What about having a bush/tree that will give you fruit? Raspberries and blackberries are easy to grow (you get thornless varieties).

    Or perhaps a climber such as a climbing rose, clematis, honeysuckle, which would give you beautiful flowers and are also easy to keep under control. With honeysuckle (and i think clematis) you dont need to buy it either, have a wee walk and see what neighbours have - and choose one with a colour you like - then take a cutting of it (literally cut a bit off thats hanging over the fence) and stick it in water, soon roots appear and then you simply plant it and watch it grow :) - i did this, took a cutting of my grans that was on the fence, was lovely, even dug it up when i moved house any its happy in a pot atm until i have sorted its forever home :)

    what about where the circle in your grass is, having half a whiskey barrel and multi layer the pot with bulbs, having stuff like snowdrops and crocus on the top layer, layer below Tulips and Daffs, Layer below that Lillies, Layer below that gladiolas (so you're first ones to grow in the year are at the top, working down to your later in the year bulbs at the bottom).This way you have flowers most of the year, when one is dying back the next is coming through, bulbs also require little maintenance and also multiply! I did this with my raised bed in my old house, it worked really well! and i had flowers in it all year round and only weeded it once in a while, when i dug the bulbs up to take them with me my 500 bulbs i bought had multiplied to  800ish at a guess

    The bush thats by your drain pipe i would possibly try and keep - do you have a closer photo of it/or do you know what it is?

  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,550

    i would plant a rowan which has a beautiful form, blossom, berries in the middle of the lawn and a nice big pot by the front door planted planted up image

    Keep it simple for impact 

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