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Gardening Resolutions

Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,941

So.. what are your resolutions for this growing season?

I have two, one for this year and one for next year.

1. Actually harden off my windowsill grown plants.  Every year I have the habit of taking them in and out for a weekend, then just plunking them in the ground Sunday afternoon and cross my fingers they'll do okay.  Working full time, I can't make sure they have optimum hardening off conditions.. and having come home in the past to ruined overturned wind strewn seedlings, wilted sun roasted seedlings, and occasionally unobserved toddler curiosity; I figure they will do better in the ground than out.  This year I have a different system involving two clear plastic totes that better shelter the plants and make them much easier for moving in and out of the house on mass.  That, and the toddler is now three and knows better than to bother mummy's plants.  image

2.  (This one is for next year, as I should have known better this year.. but got itchy fingers in March).  I need to stop planting hardy and half-hardy veg in the early spring.  I spend six weeks tending seedlings on the windowsill, another two weeks hardening them off, only for the direct sown plants to catch them up within two weeks.  It really is a waste of space and effort.  

Utah, USA.
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