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Perennial wallflower

Hello again experts,

i have a wonderful perennial wallflower orange. I have kept this going for 4 years by pilling compost on the centre of the long bare stems,  I don't think  i will keep it going for much longer. how should I take a cutting, -the big bare stem about 3 ins in c.ompost or the green stems with leaves and flpowers on. when should I take them. Many thank for information.


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,293

    If this is a perennial wallflower (erysimum) then you can take cuttings now. This forum thread gives basic instructions on how to do this. You need to use shoots which do not have a flower bud.

    If your wallflower is a biennial variety then you have done well to keep it going for four years but these plants eventually get too woody and leggy and have to be consigned to the bin.

  • Thank you Ceres, 

    its the perennial type. the flowers are smaller than the spring ones. Loads of them and not quite as fragrant, but it flowers for months and is like a small bush. Many thank for the info,, it's my best plant between the tulips and before the big Poppies. I love it.

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