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suggestions wanted for smallish varieties of lilac and cherry

I have a small, rented courtyard garden.  The main part of the garden is about 20ft square, around a third of which is paved.  The remaining two thirds was under gravel but with the landlord's permission I have lifted the gravel and am putting down a lawn and raised beds.  The beds have to be raised because there's a layer of concrete a few inches under the soil.  The soil in the raised beds will be about 20" deep.

I would like to have a small lilac and a cherry tree in the raised beds, the lilac in a north-west corner and the cherry in a south-east corner.  I do not want absolutely tiny bushes, but I'm hoping for something in each case that won't go much over 9ft high and 6ft wide.  Both need to be moderately shade-tolerant.  The garden is surrounded by two-or-three-storeys-high walls on three sides and a lowish (about 7ft) wall to the east.  It gets quite a lot of sun in the morning but is in shadow from just after noon onwards.

Among lilacs, Carpe Diem is everything I want, a beautiful blue-lilac colour and heavily scented, except that if I get a Carpe Diem it's liable to end up bigger than the entire garden. Does anybody know a blueish, scented, shade-tolerant lilac similar to Carpe Diem but smaller - or know whether I could control a Carpe Diem by pruning? 

Also, does anybody know a smallish cherry that both fruits and flowers?  I was looking at Sylvia but that has white flowers, and I'd prefer pink.

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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,873

    Lilac Palibin is a small lilac which flowers twice a year and for the Cherry I would recommend Kordia.

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  • Thank you.  Palibin looks very good. although I was really hoping for something a little more blue.  I found a nice small blue one called Boomerang but it wants full sun, so it might not cope with getting sun only in the mornings.

    Kordia has the same problem as Sylvia - it produces white blossoms and I was hoping for pink. *Are* there any pink-blossomed cherries which are good croppers, or is it an either/or thing?

  • DubloonDubloon Posts: 45

    Link above - Souvenir de Louis Spaeth. I bought this in early April from a local garden centre and it is growing beautifully. Like you, I didn't want something enormous but big enough to hide a fence and the neighbour's shed roof! I'm excited to see this flower and keep growing. Good luck.

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