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How many climbers would you plant to cover an 8m wide wall?

image Looking to plant a number of climbers at the foot of this wall but wondered how many in total I need to give a good coverage?


  • LoxleyLoxley NottinghamPosts: 4,639

    It depends on the climber, and how patient you are!

  • Stevey0Stevey0 Posts: 13

    Haha.  Reasonably patient although would like to see some good progress by say this time next year

  • LoxleyLoxley NottinghamPosts: 4,639

    What climber do you have in mind? Is the wall south facing? Are you putting wire supports on the wall with the trellis panels on top?

  • AWBAWB Posts: 421

    Looks an ideal spot for a wisteria to me.

  • Stevey0Stevey0 Posts: 13

    The wall itself is actually north (ish) facing and yes - trellis panels are going on top with wire supports on the wall.  We would prefer evergreens so that once established the wall is hidden for good but would like to enjoy different flowers, foliage and that smell nice as we go through the season.  Low'ish maintenance too.  I think Wisteria are lovely but so read that they are difficult to manage.

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,190

    Three decent clematis would do the job, or four if you had a couple of alpinas in there. Many are perfectly happy in a northerly aspect. If you choose carefully, you can have colour there most of the year.

    Hydrangea would be perfect though. There is an evegreen one whose name I've forgotten but petiolaris is hard to beat, I think. 

    I quite like your wall. Leaving some on show is actually a nice backdrop. You could use a few evergreen shrubs for all year interest, with a few climbers in behind, instead of just climbers.  How much room do you actually have at the base for planting though? It'll be very dry there anyway,  so you'll need to improve the soil a good bit. 

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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 79,453

    I'll post a link to your earlier thread about this wall, to give the background etc and the bits already covered 


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  • Stevey0Stevey0 Posts: 13

    Thanks Fairygirl.  The stepdown from the lawn is about 2m away from the wall but we have a concrete circle and a few other random slabs in that space ... plus we have the table and bench.  I've been digging a 'trench' along the wall and filling it with compost and top soil.  The plants I have got to go in so far are Clematis alpina, Clematis cirrhosa var. purpurascens 'Freckles', Rosa 'Mme Alfred Carriere', Pyracantha Saphyr, Trachelospermum jasminoides and Honeysuckle.  I was also thinking of getting some passion flower too but maybe I have got enough there already.  Will do some research to try and find the hydrangea you mention though :)

  • RedwingRedwing SussexPosts: 1,239

    Pyracantha will grow and flower on a north wall.  Some roses will too.

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