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New House what type of hedge ?

Hello hoping someone on here is kind enough to identify what type of hedge i have. I have bought a new house and have a hedge at the front but it needs cutting back as its growin over into the pavement but didnt want to kill it cutting it back so its flush with the wall many thanks luke. 



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  • Dave HedgehogDave Hedgehog Posts: 377

    It's a Privet. They respond well to severe pruning so cutting it back to wall-level shouldn't cause any major problems. Hopefully there weren't any birds nesting in there before clipping.

    Early Spring is the best time but doing it soon won't make a big difference. It will look bare at the front for weeks or even months but will fill out eventually.

    The section of hedge at bottom of 2nd pic doesn't look too healty though. Have some trunks been dug out?

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  • Thankyou for the quick reply and no there wasnt any nests so it all good been here a few month and have never seen a bird enter also the hedge used to seperate neigbours garden but he had it removed and fitted a fence and driveway so yea roots will have been damaged. 

    Again thank you very much 

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