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Hi i have just moved house and taken up a a horrid amount of decking, my son has dug over the ground which seems to be clay and also void of life, no worms and even wheedles. How can I get life back in to the ground to be able to put a lawn down and flower beds and bushes, it really is dead looking.


  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,657

    A thick - 3 or 4 inches - mulch of something like well rotted manure would be a good start.

    Just one thing though, what's a wheedle?

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    The best possible thing to use is use well rotted farmyard or horse manure.  The worms will soon move in and the cycle of life will restart.  Put down at least a 4 inch layer (ideally 6" this first time) and I would dig in this first batch.  After that put down a 4" layer on the top of the soil this autumn and let the worms do the rest.  I would wait until next spring before doing any serious planting or laying the lawn.  You could grow things in pots (even shrubs and small trees) until then to brighten the garden up which has the advantage that you can move things around to see what layout you like best.

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