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Droopy palm

Hello - I have just been given this palm tree, and it is looking rather sorry for itself. I'm struggling to work out what's wrong as not at all familiar with palms - is this lack of water? Don't want to risk overwatering if its not. 

Any help gratefully received!image


  • Hortum-cretaeHortum-cretae Posts: 979

    It's a yucca, specifically yucca elephantipes and it looks as though it has got hot in the window. No amount of watering will compensate for direct sunlight through glass. Wants good light and a little time outside in the warmer months. It'll take any amount of outdoor sunshine, but through glass, nah.


  • Melanie35Melanie35 Posts: 10

    Thanks very much for the advice!! Will get it away from that window. Hopefully it will perk up again once it's in a better spot.

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