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kathie51dkathie51d Posts: 100

Morning all, Quite by accident I appeared to have colour co-ordinated the new tulips with the mystery vigorous purple leaved plant under them, it is not unpleasant but would like a name to it. Also there is another large leaf plant in same border it dies right down to a mound of tubers then has dark purple to green leaves. Thanks Kathieimageimage


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,420

    the first picture looks like lysimachia firecracker 

    second picture - some sort of rheum, not 100 % sure 

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  • kathie51dkathie51d Posts: 100

    Thanks perki, I think you are right with the firecracker as it does have a yellow flower in the summer. Will look up your second suggestion of a rheum. 

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