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Dithering Dahlias

satrdayboysatrdayboy Posts: 55

I bought some multi packs of Dahlias, Bishop of Llandaf and some mixed colours for tubs. I planted 4 Bishops individually in the pots that they would be staying in the first week of April, these have all shown themselves the biggest is about 3" tall. As i already had Daffs and Tulips in the other planters i was going to use, I've planted 9 tubers in litre pots, of the 9 only 3 have poked their heads above ground. At what point do i give up on the others and should i have 100% success rate, first time Dahlia grower


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,701

    Plenty of time yet. Most of my dahlias are only just showing through. If they are damp and warm they will grow.

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