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Hi all

I come by some of these bulbs and planted them this weekend, I think they should have gone in last autumn but too late for that. apparently they give a long flowering period but are hard to grow. I decided to put 5 in a six inch plastic pot (3 pots in total)with the tops just below the soil. they are in the shade at the moment to start them off and I plan on sinking the pots into the garden in the sun when they get started (if they do) I think they are not hardy so my thinking was its easy to lift them all out safely if they are in the pots. would this work?



  • DimWitDimWit Posts: 553

    Bulbs are very easy-going as for transplant, (at least when the leaves are still young),but be careful not to break the stems, or the bulb is lost. Keep the pots in a warm place and the stems will sprout. Freesias are truly not hardy; wait until the last frost and move the young plants to their definitive place. (By the way, I have some now sprouting in a pot, I love the smell of their flowers!)

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    I had tried forever to grow these lovely plants without any success whatsoever and eventually I just gave up.

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