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Get Rid of Woodlice!



  • Each time a courgette begins to form, there they are, little armoured beasts, determined to munch away till there is nothing left! So despite what others say they DO eat new shoots. There are literally billions in my garden and veg patch. Help! I WILL NOT use chemicals.
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    Wood louse spiders will eat them. No idea how you'd get a hold of enough of them to make a difference. They'll bite you too, apparently.
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    I also have them everywhere around the house, had them in the house and loft, under every pot and in patio planters. Im unconvinced about the claim that they don’t eat into young plants and fruit .. the evidence of what I’ve seen over the years suggests otherwise.
  • B3B3 Posts: 27,022
    Maybe there's two kinds. Mine just live under pots. I've never noticed them eating anything alive.
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    A big fat female toad lives under my wheelie.  I sweep up woodlice from under pots and feed her.  

    I have never seen any sign of serious woodlouce damage to pot plants.  
    Googling "what do woodlice eat?" got:  "Woodlice eat rotting plants, fungi and their own faeces, but they don't pee! They get rid of their waste by producing strong-smelling chemical called ammonia, which passes out through their shells as a gas." 

    There are some 30-40 species in the UK.  I would expectthem to eat different things.
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