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bulbs in pots

suziiisuziii Posts: 17

I need to dry the bulbs to store for replanting next year.

I'm moving house so less things in pots the better!

How/when do I do this?

Thank you


  • Dave HedgehogDave Hedgehog Posts: 377

    Ideally when the bulb foliage has died off. Cut seed heads off now and let the foliage die back naturally. Once it's gone yellow, it no longer requires photosynthesis, so is safe for bulbs to be uplifted (gently with a hand trowel) and stored.

    If you're moving house this may be impractical or impossible but the longer they're left to soak up sun rays before going dormant, the better next year's display will be. But don't let the foliage vanish entirely as you wont be able to find your bulbs image

  • suziiisuziii Posts: 17

    Thank you! 

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