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pinkpeonypinkpeony Posts: 107

I have 2 of these trees in my front garden one has failed to flower this year - they are perhaps 20 plus years old  Some advice is that the trees are  not very long-lived  and i'm inclined to remove both; your comments would be appreciated



  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,281

    Mine is flowering now and was probably the very first thing I planted when we moved in 33 years ago. It has lost some of its vigour and is much less straitlaced in its old age but the flowers are still lovely and smell wonderful. I read that about the lifespan too and keep eying it anxiously, I shall be very sorry to lose it, but for the moment it seems fine.

    The weather may not have helped your tree this year, is one perhaps more exposed than the other?

  • pinkpeonypinkpeony Posts: 107

    sorry for the delay in response buttercup the cherries were planted as a 'pair' so have had similar exposure  I've had a tree 'doctor' look at the cherries and both seem to be suffering so I'm replacing them with viburnum plicatum'kilimanjaro' - in a narrow strip that already contains viburnum davidii  underplanting the amanogowa - thank you so much for your comment; wish you well with yours,  I guess the dry Winter/Spring in these parts won't have helped if the trees were beginning to fail, thanks again for your response.

  • pinkpeonypinkpeony Posts: 107

    the trees are being removed tomorrow - just need to decide on shrubs to replace them; the idea of viburnum kilmanjaro  was a non-starter my neighbours think they'll grow to be too large; the strip of land is between the two front lawns! thanks again to all for the input.

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