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2nd year pruning of a fanned plum tree


I planted a plum tree in Nov 2015. In April 2016 I did some pruning to keep the shape and remove branches growing towards the wall. 

Now the second years pruning is due but Im alittle unsure of how much to prune. I read that the tree will fruit on old and new wood. I have found three very small plums on a piece of old wood today. I hadnt really expected it to fruit until next year. I want to maintain the fan shape so should I prioritise form over fruit this year? 

So far I have taken some small growth off the main stem below the first branches and a few small branches which are growing towards the wall. 

How much and which branches should I take now?

Specie: Czar

Any advice would be appreciated! 


Jo, the newbie gardener.

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