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Hi everyone.  I'm in need of your advice again regarding my Wisteria. Mine is going wild now, unfortunately my Mrs is moaning about it's wildness. I know according to the experts that it's pruned in February and again in July. Can I give it a prune now to tidy it up??.



  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,847

    I should think it will be OK.   Mine is just going over after flowering prolifically this spring and I will be cutting back some of the over long or low branches as well as removing those that have snuck under the gutter on our annex.   Then I shall feed them and do the usual July pruning in due course.

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  • MarygoldMarygold Posts: 331

    My flowers are just starting to open. I think it must be a later flowering variety; it has pinky/lavender flowers. I will have to start cutting back very soon and this will be ongoing through to winter. We wouldn't be able to get to the back door if we didn't cut back the new growth at least once a week!

  • You lot are lucky to at least have nice vigorous plants! I was very kindly given my much-wanted wisteria for training up the front of our house by my mother. Unfortunately - its a fructescens, rather than the more usual types. And its taking about a year to manage a foot and a half of growth!!

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