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Plants for raised flower bed

Caz46Caz46 Posts: 2


I have a 3ft tall and just under 3ft x 1.5ft. I built it as I saw a lovely time lapsed video showing plants standing tall in the middle and then others overflowing down the sides, all full of stunning colour flowers. However, I can no longer find the video.

Therefore, I am looking for suggestions. They will need to be hardy as I live in a very hot sunny place and they will have little shade, also, I am a gardenping novice with lots of enthusiasm.

Any help would be much appreciated.




  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,518

    Where are you based Caz46? I'm not being nosey but it helps to have some idea otherwise any plants recommended might be totally unsuitable.

  • Caz46Caz46 Posts: 2

    Hi Ceres,

    i am based in Switzerland.


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,518

    I'm in the UK as are most of the people on this forum so I can't really recommend any plants for hot, dry conditions.....that's a bit of a novelty here. However, a good plan, wherever you are, is to see what your neighbours are growing and follow their lead. Visit local garden centres and nurseries to see what they have on offer and ask lots of questions.

    Whatever you chose to plant, the container will need to be well watered as even the hardiest plant cannot be allowed to dry out.

  • DimWitDimWit Posts: 553

    For this summer, buy some plugs: bidens, brachycome, ivy pelargonium, phlox, gentian, prunella, even carnations. For some tall foliage, try somedwarf cordyline or some manageable grass, like anemanthele or blue fescue.

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