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Lawn problem - please help!

Hi everyone,

I recently noticed that sections of my lawn are lighter in colour and the grass is very thick/woody.

My understanding is that these sections are weeds which will spread if I leave the problem untreated.

Unfortunately I'm not familiar wit pesticides or treatments for getting rid of this kind of problem. Can someone please advise me on how to treat/solve this issue??

Thank you all in advance.




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  • You've got a very nice garden and the lawn is great apart from the areas of weed grasses. From your first pic which shows some seeds on thick stems, the weed grass could be Ryegrass, which is notorious for leaving "soldier" stems after cutting. It could also be Yorkshire Fog.

    Getting rid of weed grasses without destroying your lawn isn't easy but here's a page that may help:

    A more drastic measure if all else fails is to weedkill the areas with Glyphosate, prepare soil and re-sow. This will create areas that will be darker and faster growing than the rest of the lawn though (for a year or two) :-(

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