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Ongoing lawn issues

Following on from last year, I spent some time in the back garden last week to try ans see if I could do anything with my lawn.  

I went through and spiked it thoroughly with a fork, but oddly where I have patches, I came across stone (which didn't seem to move) whereas where the lawn is good, I could go down a whole fork prong depth.

I'm assuming this is why I have the patches like I do but I don't understand where it's come from as we laid down several inches of proper loam soil before laying the lawn so curious where the stone has come from.

I did try laying some seed (quite a bit) and did a mixture of covering some with topsoil (as neighbour suggested) and some just bare, but as with some I put down last year, so far hasn't done anything.

I'm thinking my best bets if the seed doesn't do anything in a couple of weeks is to cut out the patches, dig down to suss out the stone and cut in some fresh turf?



  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    It seems a bit strange that all the bare patches are at the edges of the lawn. You are not scalping these areas when you are mowing are you? That might lead to poorer grass growth.

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  • stuarta99stuarta99 Posts: 230

    Not that I'm aware of. One of the short edges, first and last pic I think suffers from drainage and lots of moss has set in, but just really random how it's so stoney underneath those patches, almost feels like concrete base couple inches down

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