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Plants dying

Hi I have 3 established plants which have started to die in turn over the last few weeks. It starts with the leaves dying. The plants are Pieris, Hydrangea and I don't know what the other is but it is a small woody bush with little leaves which is on the other side of the garden. These plants have been in the garden for years.

Any idea what the problem could be.


  • The Spring has been unseasonably dry in many parts of the country and the soil is incredibly hard and dry down to a serious depth. Some sneaky late frosts have nipped many plants in the bud.

    Some plants and shrubs have roots that mostly spread horizontally and struggle to find moisture and nutrients in adverse soil conditions. It maybe worth giving your plants a good watering for a few days as well as a liquid feed and see if it makes any difference. 

    Also check for any pests on the undersides of the leaves and stalks.

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