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  • MarniXMarniX Posts: 28

    Fairygirl and Scroggin,

    Thank you again for your generous posts, so helpful - I'd never even heard of debris netting!

    The soil here is rich, almost fluffy, agricultural, but the house is on a sort of raised spit of land as I mentioned on top of a small mountain. We are surrounded in the back by a giant hedgerow but it doesn't really help the veg patch itself.

    Can't have a cottage garden because everything would get flattened...

    Will look into my options - hope you all have a brill bank hols


  • MarniXMarniX Posts: 28
    Fairygirl says:

    This gardening lark's never easy is it?  image

    See original post


  • MarniXMarniX Posts: 28

    Really tests my (*hewge* lack of) patience at times... but as you said, picking the right plants is a big help... maybe leave off going nuts sowing seeds until I better know what I'm doing :-0

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