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Trailing plants advice?

Hi there!!

I'm completely new to outdoor gardening and looking for some help finding a good trailing wall covering plant.

I have a balcony that I'm about to line with wall hanging baskets. It's L shaped, south facing and east facing (so the parapets the baskets are hanging on are north facing and west facing I suppose). Was hoping to cover the wall with trailing plants off those baskets. I'm really strruggling to get consistent info on what would do OK. I live in Glasgow. The balcony is quite windy as it faces a park and very sunny, though the south facing part parapet should shade the trailers. No conservatory or indoors options.

I'm essentially looking for anything that's hardy, evergreen and trails long enough to eventually reach 80cm or 1m and survuve the conditions I mentioned. Variegated leafes would be a great bonus!

So far my research suggests  periwinkle, heucherella, paddy's pride (though still scared of its effect on the wall) the old man beard clematis and Viola Volantes. Could anyone here confirm or rule out any of the suggestions? Or provide with any others?

Would really be obliged with any help!! Attached a pic too in case it helps to visualize it. Thanks in advance!image

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