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Plant identification please

Auntie EAuntie E Posts: 35

image  Can someone please tell me the name of this plant?  I grow it as a houseplant and want to know if it can be grown in the garden.  Hope you can see from the pic

that it grows in sections and when it is in full flood it trails and looks very graceful.  It is also very easy to take cuttings.  Any ideas?  Had difficulty in getting the photos on, but hope you can see ok.  Thanks.


  • Possibly Gardeners' Garters. If so it will grow well in the garden.

  • DimWitDimWit Posts: 553

    Just a guess: Carex variegata.

  • Auntie EAuntie E Posts: 35

    Many thanks Alan Clark2 and DimWit (surely not!).  I have once again Googled my plant and am sure it isn't Carex Variegata.  As for Gardener's Garters, it is very like the images I have looked at on the net, but it is this trailing habit that foxes me, However, for the time being it will be Gardener's Garters.  Thanks again, much appreciated.

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,121

    Gardener's Garters is a thug when let loose.  Beware.

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  • Auntie EAuntie E Posts: 35

    Obelixx - thanks, shall keep an eye on it!!

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