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I am looking for some advice re my Allium plants. The leaf tips are brown and mostly missing. Two of my six plants do not even have a spread/opening of leaves because the tips have died and disappeared. (I am fairly certain that bunnies do not nibble on allium?). The photo attached is still an accurate representation, but it is several weeks old, so the plants are at least triple this size.

Only one of my six Allium has a bud on it, and it is still only about 6 inches (150 mm) above the ground.

Note: I am in North Carolina, where these should flower in May (and maybe June). These are Allium Globemasters if that makes a difference. 

The plants are in a thriving flower bed with lots of roses, Gerber daisies, Nepeta (Catmint). I did amend the soil with compost and healthy topsoil mixed in everywhere in flowerbed. However, these bulbs are deep enough that there is only slightly amended, but very nutritious clay beneath them.

*I considered digging them up and replanting - after digging deeper and making sure they have plenty of compost underneath them. However, I am unsure if this is necessary? And I am afraid I might damage their roots? 

*Or would it be possible (or advisable?) to transplant to a container (with healthy soil) at this point?

*I have read that the leaves often have brown tips? But I am concerned that only one has a bud - although I just noticed it for the first time a few days ago. And it is close to ground still - stem/stalk only 4+ inches tall underneath a bud the size of a golf ball (with a bit of purple showing through).


Any help greatly appreciated!!!

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