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Can anyone identify this fruit tree?

EdamEdam Posts: 8



I recently took on an allotment with this large tree in the middle. Everyone suggests I chop it down and no one can really identify what it is.

It was in full blossom and is now fruiting, some fruits showing initial signs of ripening so very early. It's almost cherry like. It has thorns on the old wood.

Has anyone got any suggestions what it may be? Thanks in advance! 


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,724

    Hi Edam. It could be a plum. These are often grafted onto blackthorn stock and if some suckers have been thrown out from the bottom then they will have the thorns of the blackthorn - mine has done this image If it is old enough the blackthorn fruit - sloes - may have formed.

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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,857

    Or it might be a bullace 

    Traditionally grown around allotments  and gardens in Suffolk (don't know about elsewhere)  - a hardy small tree with fruit which is sort of a cross between a plum and a cherry in taste and appearance ... lovely for tarts and pies, and if you've never tasted home made bullace wine you've not lived image

    I'd wait and see how the fruit develops and then decide what to do. 

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  • EdamEdam Posts: 8

    Thanks for the responses guys. Weirdly in the last week the fruits have e both ripened and started to shrivel, very strange.

    They look like this. They have a sort of fruity date/prune like smell to them. I'm loathe to taste one till I know what it is! 

    Any ideas now theve ripened? Thanks! imageimage

  • did you ever identify this tree?  My neighbor has one and it is aggressively invading my yard.
  • EdamEdam Posts: 8
    did you ever identify this tree?  My neighbor has one and it is aggressively invading my yard.
    I never did I'm afraid. On advice of all at the allotment, I just cleared it away. If you do find out let me know, I can't stand an unsolved mystery! 
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