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Transplant a rose


My late husband planted a rose "Blue Moon" in our garden about 4 years ago. I am moving home and would like to take it with me - preferably in a container as I will be living in a rental property. Can I do this now? Must I prune first?

Any help appreciated


  • I would not prune it because now is the growing season. A trim might be appropriate. When you dig it up take as much soil as possible so as not to disturb the root ball. We have Blue Moon, a delightful rose, but can be temprimental. Hope this helps and good luck.

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    NoviceGardener2 - I agree with Lynda - don't prune it - but I'd suggest you give it a couple of watering cans of water and wait an hour or so before you start your attempt to dig a distance around it and ease it out.  I've always found that a good watering helps - and spurned on by a video I once saw of the late Jeff Hamilton advocating a good deep watering before removing - and then providing a good deep watering when you transplant - I finally had success in moving my roses - which still bloomed at the normal time after I'd transplanted them at this time of year.  I also sprinkled the roots and some of the base of the new hole with myochorzzial granules (can never spell that unless I'm looking at the label) which was also their advice.

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