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pear tree leaf curl

I have had a pear tree for about 5 years, not sure what variety. Every year i seem to have a lot of blossom, then the leaves start to curl inwardsimage. This has happened again this year. can some one tell me what this is and how to treat and when.  I have not had much luck with this tree, never had much fruit off it and last year all the pears cracked.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,737

    Is it thirsty?

    pear leaves look like that when they first open but as long as it's not dry they open up. 

    Can we see a pic of the whole tree?

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  • It certainly doesn't look to heathy to me how close is it to the fence ?

    If too close it could be thirsty like Dove says and a feed wouldn't harm it .

     does it get the sun in the day or is it in the shade ? 

  • It's quite close to the fence, it's close to a pergola which has a clematis Montana and honey suckle growing through it. These are planted quite close to the pear, I wonder if they are all competing for water. Will send a photo as soon as I can.

  • Also its its in the sun most of the day.

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