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Confused about growing lettuce (little gem)

Hi, i thought i would try growing some little gem lettuce. Now i dont know if im doing this wrong but the back of the pack wasnt very clear.

I basically planted a bunch of seeds in a small pot as an experiment and they have started to come up i have also planted some outside in rows. What im not sure of is how far apart should i be spacing each seed or couple of seeds. I assumed that gem was the type that grew with a heart as opposed to the loose leaf type. When should i be thinning them out? As you can see i got a good few in this little pot Will each of these grow into a proper lettuce with the heart or will it be individual leaves.

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    Thank you :)

  • ChriscoreChriscore Posts: 140
    philippa smith2 says:

    I can only stand back in admiration Chriscore - at least yours have germinated.  I have spent 3 years on Little Gems and can safely report that nary a one has shown it's head.  I can do every other type of lettuce but Little Gem continues to elude me.image

    I'm about to offer Runnybeak a job as my Little Gem expertimage

    See original post

     Thats odd! Wonder what it could be.

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    I recall that old quote - but I couldn't remember the end properly - so thanks Rb1

    Have you tried growing it in troughs Philippa? I'm growing veg proper for the 1st time in years now I have raised beds etc, but I used to grow mixed lettuce for salad leaves in troughs that got sun from midday on, just using mpc and had great results. I bought some Chempak Nitrogen and fed that - the growth rate was explosive.

    I'm sowing n growing LG and a red LG (Amaze). I sowed seed as per. in a pot of damp mpc and left them in a propagator until germination, then left them on the g/h bench. Most of the 1st batch of LG are hardened-off and ready to go out tomorrow and I've got some more in pots ready in a couple of weeks time. I'll try sowing the rest outside.

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  • My first time with little gem, interplanted with red and white onions


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    Looking good tg - mine are about the same size atm - just hoping they survive next week's frosty nights

    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.
    Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
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