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Unruly garden!

my garden is a total mess, I want to sort it out form my kids but there is so much glass and rubble just under the soil and its really uneven and bumpy, and also the grass is getting really long now. I just wondered how I would go about sorting it out as I have no idea where to start, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks 


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    First cut the grass! Once you have it cut you will have a better idea of what problems you have there. If the grass is uneven and bumpy after you have cut it, you can fill the hollows with a mixture of topsoil/compost and grass seed and keep it watered until it sprouts. And obviously try and keep any pets or children off it while this is happening.  

    And then it is just a case of hard work. I assume that the glass and rubble are in the borders - or at least in the areas with no grass? If so, it is a case of digging it over by hand one area at a time and picking out all the junk.. You can then rake it level and do whatever you wish with the cleared areas - plant them up or turn it into lawn. 

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  • How big is the garden? How much of it is Grass? How extensive is the glass and rubble?

    Do you have a photo or two to help?

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