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Advice please- poorly Cordyline !

Hello All, 

New to the forum , really want to save my Cordyline which is rapidly looking unhappy . Until a couple of weeks ago it was a beautiful , strong bright green plant but as you can see the leaves are turning yellow going up the plant and appear blotchy . The ends are dried too and that appears to be happening even on the newest leaves . 

I took a leaf in my local garden centre and the young man said to plant it in the ground , anywhere and in any soil . The only place I could plant it would mean it would be mostly in shade , shame as I think the plant had enjoyed it's spot on the patio . 

Any idea's / advice would be very much appreciated , I would really hate to lose it, it's my favourite plant in my garden ! 

( Sorry for duplicate , I can't work out how to delete a pic ????) 

Thanks in advance ????imageimageimageimageimage



  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 33,865

    Hello and welcome robsam. I am no expert on Cordylines but that pot looks a little bit small to me for the size of the plant and I agree with the man at the GC. It would probably prefer to be in the ground.

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  • Suz3Suz3 Posts: 105

    Hi - although I am a total novice to gardening - I have two Cordylines (one in the ground and one in a pot)

    The one in a pot isn't as big as yours and the bottom 'leaves' do die off from time to time, but it seems fairly happy in a semi shaded spot by my front door.

    The other one which was planted at the same time in the same size pot was in my south-facing back garden started to really struggle and looked like yours.

    I planted it in the garden and it now looks fab and is thriving.

    My thoughts are that it may be a bit pot-bound and as your garden looks very sunny - it may benefit from sticking it in the ground too.

    Good luck!

  • Suz3Suz3 Posts: 105

    Either that or go up a pot size or two!

  • autumngloryautumnglory Posts: 255

    You can pull any dead or scruffy leaves off from the bottom to make it look more tree like and less untidy.

  • Thank you for the helpimage

  • John912John912 Posts: 1

    I have a corderline planted into the ground that has been thriving for years but it is now 'flowering' up the middle and the leaves are all turning brown and splitting and it doesn't look very healthy. The 'flowering' section is growing through the side through the spears. Any advice on what should I do?

  • Hi Robsam. Can I ask did you plant your cordyline in the ground as mine is looking exactly the same as yours and I don't want it to die? Thanks
  • Hi, can I ask did you plant the cordyline in your garden and how is it now? 
  • robsam.halls1919robsam.halls1919 Posts: 3
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    Hi There, 
    It  is doing really well - in a much bigger pot !! 
    I haven't got anywhere to plant it in the garden unfortunately. 
    Hopefully I have attached a photo ?! 
    I have a new shoot this year on the side . Lost quite a few of the bottom leaves recently but I think it's because it has been unusually hot . 
  • granmagranma Posts: 1,922
    Cordylines like Phormiums  are very resilient  I would try to give them a new home.can you take it out and put it in a bigger pot .? It could be root bound.they have a mass of strong roots   either do this or put it in the ground.basically  I think it's run out of  compost .when you water it ,does the water come straight out? This is what I usually judge on.
    I also pull off the bottom Brown leaves to  form the trunk.

    in my years of  experience that's going back forty years  I ve found them to be very forgiving .During the last harsh winter a few years back thought we had lost ours .We had all  ours froze then  thawed ,they thawed out to mush.I pulled it all away and cut the remaining   down to ground level. The trunk of the cordylines had rotted away.very upset id lost  a mix of 24 .

    Spring came the following year so did my lost cordylines and  phormiums !!!!! :smiley::)  bigger ,thicker and much improved..they all flowered last year which was a first !!!!

    Don't give up on it!!!!!!! :p

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