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What is this bush please?

Hello everybody.  Sorry this isn't a better picture but it's in a neighbour's back garden and I can't get any closer!  This gorgeous bush (there are 2 different shades/bushes, possibly 3) flowers a very vibrant fuschia and a reddy orange every year from April throughout summer.  It's absolutely gorgeous and I'd love to know the name of it.  I realise this may not be possible from the terrible photo but thought I'd ask in case!  Thank you.image


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    I agree with Kitty image

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    I know they're in the same family LB but never quite sure what the difference is properly. 

    Is it that rhodies have big leaves and azaleas have small ones?

    It's probably more complicated than that in scientific speak image

  • Thank you both!  I'm so pleased to finally have the answer.  May have to purchase 1 (or 3) myself.  Many thanks indeed for your time and help.

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    Is it possible to ask the neighbour what it is?

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    Azalea is the name given to a group within the  Rhododendron family.

    All azaleas are rhododendrons, but not all rhododendrons are azaleas.

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    They look like the evergreen or Japanese azaleas. There are also deciduous azaleas which are hardier for those of us in chilly regions and which grow taller and the white and yellow ones are beautifully scented. They all need acid soil or ericaceous compost. If they grow so well for your neighbour you should have no problem with them.

  • Sorry I couldn't resist sharing this photograph of mine taken yesterday (19th April 17). All I know is that I bought it years ago and had it in a pot for years then I bought a garden with a house. It now enjoys being in the ground and is much healthier. It's an evergreen and I give it an ericaceous feed once a year in early March.



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    What a stunner! Gorgeous 

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