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Beech Hedge Roots in Raised Beds.

Hi, I am trying to protect a shed from the wind and rain by planting a Beech hedge. The problem is I can't find much information on the roots of these hedges. I'm brand new to gardening too so just starting out with the layout and borders of my garden. The hedge would be in a raised bed that is two sleepers deep and sits against a 9" thick wall that drops down 3' to the shed base. Can any one advise if the roots of this hedge would eventually break the bed or the wall?

If its not a suitable hedge could any one advise on another that would be fit for purpose? 

Looking forward to hearing from you all.



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,441

    A beech hedge will do nothing to protect the shed. That's what Cuprinol is for.

    It will shield it from view, if you see the shed as an eyesore. 

    The problem I see in planting any hedge in that raised bed, is that unless the hedge is very thin, the rain shadow will exclude most rain from the bed. You would have to lay a soaker hose along it and water regularly.

  • I had hoped that the hedge would shield some of the rain that gets blown down on that aspect of the shed regularly. The lawn is water logged for most of the year and this was my reason for raising the bed as anything I tried growing there got killed by water logging. 

  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,565

    I think the roots will find their way under the raised bed and out into the surrounding soil, but only after a year or so. Hornbeam does slightly better in heavier/wetter soils. I think the raised bed will be okay for a long time but eventually it may get pushed apart. But it's ultimately going to rot in any case I suppose. The wall may end up with cracks but it's only 3ft I wouldn't worry too much.  

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